Meet Veronica

- I pour my heart and soul into creating innovative problem solving products that truly give you your most flawless skin ever! Even if you have problem skin like I do, these products will make you look and feel your most beautiful… That’s why I live and breathe.

Beauty connects me with something genuine, happiness, admiration and revelation that inspires my heart. For me true beauty is a balance between body, soul and a lively spirit. My passion is to break the mental prisons and erroneous cultural concepts which bind, hurt and limit our understanding of who we really are. Through V.VERO, I want to revolutionize the status-quo beauty paradigm, return to nature and establish a beauty that heals, restores, has its own voice and is the expression of your soul. We do this by creating products with natural origins without toxic elements that hurt your body. Because for me, beauty and health walk hand in hand.